Framerate Fest 2012: a contest for developers in Belgium and in the Netherlands

Frame Fest 2012, the second edition of this contest, brings together web designers and developers from Belgium and the Netherlands to design a ‘frame’ based on HTML5 and controlled by the Kinect. The best frames will be selected by a jury of 3 experts. Each judge composes his own team of developers and every participant has to fight to win his place against the others.
Developers who want to participate in this contest must submit their HTML5 frame on this website. Participation is completely free.

Participants have to deliver a frame and post it on the website before the 25th of March. Through various communications’ channels, they can  promote their design. The website’ visitors who vote will determine the finalists.

In the second stage of the competition, the contest becomes even more exciting. Two Dutch coaches (Wesley ter Haar from MediaMonks and Boris van de Ven from Gamekings) and a Belgian coach (Bart de Waele from Netlash-bSeen) pick the finalists for each team and build from the starting frames a Superframe.
The Grand Final is held in the Netherlands for a live audience. Public and fans vote online for their favorite Superframe and choose the winner.

“The entire contest is a creative challenge for designers and developers,” said Vincent Joris, Manager for Internet Explorer in Belgium and Luxembourg. “The theme of Framefest 2012 ‘Let the Frames Begins’ was planned by the company These Days to demonstrate the capabilities of Internet Explorer and the Kinect in the Benelux but also beyond. I am convinced that both Internet Explorer 9 and all the developers who participate have everything to gain by joining this contest.”

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