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Top CEOs and athletes train youngsters the safe way to explore the internet:your password is like your toothbrush

Today, 160 volunteers of Microsoft and Belgacom went to 115 schools all over Belgium to train 10 to 12 year old kids how to explore the internet in a safe way. Three years ago Child Focus and Microsoft joined forces to fill this gap in the school calendar. Children of this age love to explore the internet, but don’t get the guidance how to do this in a safe way. Hence, Microsoft started to give these youngsters useful tips, coming down to:

  • don’t do in the digital world what you wouldn’t do in reality
  • make a safe password
  • don’t give away any personal information
  • only chat to peopole you also know in the real world
  • in case of doubt, talk to your parents or teachers

Today we had a special event. Philippe Rogge, General Manager of Microsoft BeLux was teaching in a Dutch speaking school, while Didier Bellens, CEO of Belgacom, was doing the same in a French speaking school. They were accompanied by respectively Cedric Van Branteghem en Justin Henin, two world famous Belgian athletes.

As always, the kids drank the messages they got. For the internet is their world they love to explore. But in a safe way. They will never forget the message of Cedric: your password is as a toothbrush; you don’t give it bto others and you change it once in a while.

Below is a video with some excerpts of the lessons and the experiences of al teachers-for-day