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TechDays BeLux: annual appointment for the IT industry

Luc Vande Velde: coordinator and organisor

Luc Vande Velde: coordinator and organisor

Today BeLux TechDays 2012 kicked off in Braine l’Alleud. 2400 developers, IT Pro’s and students are meeting here in their annual appointment, over hundreds of general and deep dive sessions in three days. Techdays is the largest IT conference in BeLux.

The keynote of Scott Guthrie, Microsofts VP of Server & Tools, immediately set the tone for a wild mix of sessions about Windows 8, Azure, Windows Server, System Center, Windows Phone,… you name it.

Organiser and lead of the small organisaing team, Luc Vande Velde, is highly pleased with the success of this edition that is taking place for the first time at this location.  

“We have a full house: 2400 visitors in 3 days, among which 850 students. This is the largest IT conference in Belux with the highest value for your buck. Not only have we the international top of presenters present here, but we also multiply our event by 7 by putting all presentations online.This is our way in growing the impact.

Take the students day f.i. Last edition, we had IT students from just a couple of campuses. This year, we students from no less that 25 different trainings.

I am really proud of my team which has been realsing this. The whole event was coordinated by just 4 to 5 dedicated people with an -as every year- break-even budget.”

The conference is already a success from the opening session onwards. No doubt, the participants will make it their own networking success outside the presentations as well…